How To Get A Job In Sports Writing: 7 Secrets Of A Top-Class Freelance Writer

Sports writing is an exciting career field that can be highly lucrative. The biggest issue with joining this career field as a freelance writer is finding jobs. To get started in the industry, the writer must be able to develop a decent portfolio of articles and projects. Through their portfolio, resume and references, the writer can then go after the more lucrative projects.

  1. Create a Website
  2. One of the easiest ways to get started in the industry is to build a website. By creating a website dedicated to sports, the writer is able to showcase their abilities and attract a following. In addition to being an excellent portfolio for prospective clients, a website can also be a source of revenue for the writer.

  3. Don't Be Picky
  4. There may be projects available on sports-related topics, but this is not always the case. The main goal is to get started as a freelance writer. To do this, the writer should be willing to work on any project that they can find in the beginning.

  5. Send Out Pitches
  6. A pitch is a way to get an article into a magazine or onto a website. Many of these pitches will not be accepted in the beginning. As the writer builds up a portfolio, they will be able to get more of their articles accepted. Sending out pitches is basically a numbers game: if the writer sends out one hundred pitches, they can basically be assured of getting 1 to 10 of them approved.

  7. Study Writing
  8. Knowing about sports is obviously important, but a good freelance writer must also be able to write. Community college courses, writing manuals and other guides can help the writer learn how to be the best in the business.

  9. Get Used to Rejections
  10. Writers always receive rejections and revision requests. When it comes to writing, few clients or editors are satisfied with the initial project. To succeed as a writer, individuals must develop thick skins and learn how to listen to feedback.

  11. Actually Care About Sports
  12. When a newbie gets started in this industry, they may work for 16 hours a day without very much pay. To succeed, it takes years of working 50 to 80 hours a week. For a writer to be successful, they need to really care about sports. Otherwise, the long hours will stop feeling like living out a dream job and will feel like a tedious, never-ending task.

  13. Write for Free
  14. Paying for college is not always an option, but becoming educated about writing is a must-have for any writer. This education could occur in the form of writing as a volunteer for a newspaper or newsletter. The writer could write for their high school newspaper, a website or some other venture. To get good at writing, the main goal is to practice constantly and get feedback.

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