How To Start A Freelance Technical Writing Blog: 4 Vital Tips

A freelance technical writing blog is probably one of the most rewarding jobs in the world. It is, no doubt, extremely flexible, time-economical, interesting and rewarding, to say the least. In case a person wants to be a published writer, a freelance technical writing blog is one of the best ways to not only get recognized, but also hone his skills in writing.

One of the very first things one needs to keep in mind while writing a freelance blog, is that a vast span of technical knowledge is required to deal with various areas and categories of writing. Hence, it is always a good idea to stay in touch with current events and trends, in general, and specific procedures and data, in particular. A broad perspective of writing will not only help reduce the workload, but also attract publication houses and other eminent figures from every field available.

Next, the blogger must remember that the reader of his blog is only reading it because he wants specific details regarding a particular matter. Hence, every freelance technical blogger must avoid frill in his writings to the best possible extent. Inclusion of all relevant details and subject matter is always highly appreciated and also helps the blog enhance its position and rankings.

The most important tip is to keep up the standard of writing. A few ways in which this can be achieved are:

  • Keeping the Spell-check or Autocorrect option on. This ensures that any spelling error that has taken place is corrected on its own.
  • Grammatical mistakes are a big no-no. Readers judge the freelance blogger on the quality of his writings and grammatical discrepancies create a negative image.
  • Proof-reading the article to be posted is an absolute necessity to prevent any accidental plagiarism and avoid legal hassles.

Every writer has a fixed time of the day when his brainstorming sessions seem to yield immediate and brilliant results. This can be day or night, evening or noon; it depends from person to person. This time should be best utilized for blogging. This is how the flexibility of a freelance technical writing blog benefits the blogger. Not only the time of the day, this tip also extends to the place, environment, and any other general external factor that may weigh in on the psyche of the blogger and affect his writing skills and creative mindset.

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