Types Of Freelance Writing: Useful Tips For Newcomers

The freelance world is one of many options and opportunities and here you can find someone to complete just about any task, provided its legal. People request different skill sets on a daily basis and to be successful one must be able to complete the majority if not all of these requests. As a newcomer to the industry, it would be quite advantageous if you could define the type of writing you wish to do, preferably based on which literary skill sets you consider yourself most proficient in. Here are some tips on the different types of freelance writing that should be helpful to anyone considering pursuing this career path:

  1. Bulk content
  2. This job type requires the individual to produce large amounts of content which is usually used by websites to help their sites be found easier by search engines. The quality of the work requested is usually low though proper English grammar must be maintained. This is the most common job type received by most beginners so don’t be surprised to find yourself doing this for some time.

  3. Short stories
  4. This category requires a bit more effort than bulk content and has been gaining popularity in the freelance arena in recent times. Writers are required to produce medium to high quality short stories for a slightly higher rate than bulk content, though many employers try to negotiate lower prices.If you have fun writing and do not feel overly concerned with being paid a fraction of what your story might actually be worth, this field could prove profitable.

  5. Novels
  6. Just as with short stories, more and more clients are requesting short novels of freelancers, for some what better prices than the previous categories, but still in my opinion, not worth the effort. If one is capable of producing somewhat generic novels at a fast rate, however, this could be the market for you.

  7. Academic writing
  8. In modern times, many people maintain a full time job while completing their doctorates, as a result, they often find themselves pressed for time and require assistance with their academic projects. Many have sought out freelance writers and this relationship has proven profitable for both parties. You will be required to familiarize yourself with the subject and follow the guidelines laid out by your client. The nature of the work required is heavily based on research, so it not complicated piecing them together in a technical manner and can be worth the commitment.

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