How To Land Profitable Freelance Article Writing Jobs From Home

Freelance article writing is a growing field where skilled writers are finding tremendous success. It’s a really attractive proposition as it allows tremendous freedom to people who like to work from home. If you think this is something you would like to try on your own there are a few things you should know about landing jobs that pay well. Here’s some advice:

Creating a Freelance Profile

The first step in landing profitable jobs is creating a great freelancing profile that attracts a wide range of clients from all over the world. It’s important that your profile communicate your skills and experience. It should also clearly state your pay rates and the kind of articles you are skilled at producing and would like to work in.

Creating a Professional Website

In addition to your regular freelancing profile you should create a professional site that mirrors the content on your profile and is essentially another way to attract visitors and present your services. You’ll have a lot of freedom with a professional website, so make sure it stands apart from the other sites of your competitors. Do your research and write catchy copy that makes your site memorable.

Developing a Great Portfolio

One way of getting the best paying jobs is in creating a great portfolio that demonstrates your skills through a variety of pieces written for your past clients. Even if you are just starting out you should upload any content you have available. Keep your portfolio updated as you create articles for any of your new clients. It’s suggested you do this every few months so that new potential clients can see relatively recent work.

Research Available Jobs

Now it’s time to research the freelance article writing jobs that are available. Consider every possible form in your area of expertise. Check for online and print publications and consider both large and small scale markets. A lot of money can be made by writing for a publication that appeals to a specific audience. And even if you find that the pay isn’t as much as you’d hope you can certainly use the experience to develop your portfolio.

Submitting Winning Proposals

Lastly, be sure you spend some time mastering the art of submitting great proposals. The trick is to convey your desire to work for a particular client by demonstrating that you know how to produce the exact content they need. Be sure you provide the exact details of your work process and don’t forget to address the client’s needs by mirroring the language used on the job listing.

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