Searching For Remote Freelance Fashion Writing Jobs: Tips For Beginners

One of the largest freelance sectors is the world of fashion. There are many for pay writing assignments available. The good news about this industry is that much of your work can be done remotely. You can work from your couch at one in the morning while wearing your pajamas if you want. The world of stock photos has allowed you to even add pictures to you work if you want. When searching for remote freelance fashion writing jobs, use these beginner tips for success:


  • Have writing samples ready-you will need to have a variety of types
  • Some different kinds of writing you will be expected to do are-industry updates, celebrities and their clothes, fashion shows (local, national, and international), trends, couture, and designers new and existing
  • It is a competitive industry-make sure your writing is perfect without any errors
  • Find a friend-a mentor in this field could help you tremendously
  • Subscribe to industry magazines-you need to always be up-to-date
  • Join the third party companies who have a fashion writing division-this will mean more time for writing and less for looking for job
  • Consider working for your local newspaper-they have a section in weekend editions devoted to clothing
  • Read the submission guidelines-if you submit to a newspaper, magazine, or any type of publication, carefully read the submission guidelines and rules. Some of them will not even look at your submission if you do not follow the rules.
  • Have a filing and retrieval system-you need to be able to show your work in the field when requested. Have an easy to use system for your publications.
  • Look for repeat clients-when you send a thanks to the customer after you finish a job consider asking the client if he or she has more work for you
  • Look at the department ad flyers-knowing what clothes, shoes, handbags, and accessories are selling with help you to know the field
  • Touch bases with the designers-try to set up some interviews that you can sell to the industry clients
  • Keep pushing-there will be days you are offered ten jobs and other weeks when you can’t get one, just keep pushing and giving your best efforts

As you seek for remote freelance writing jobs, consider using these tips for beginners to help you. There are a lot of jobs in the field and following these tips will help you to get jobs quickly.

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