How To Get A Freelance Copy-Writing Job: Tips For Rookies

Have you ever wondered how to get freelance writing jobs specifically in the field of copy-writing? Look no further, the following tips will tell you everything you need to know to break into the industry and make a name for yourself that not only gets you clients but encourages them to return time and time again:

Write well

If you want to stand out, you need to be better than average at what you do. Read all the books about grammar that you can get your hands on and study their contents well. This step alone will put you light-years ahead of the majority of freelancers out there.

Be courteous

It’s not a wise idea to make yourself a doormat to your clients. Such actions will lead to you being taken advantage of for sure. Instead, aim to respond to requests on time and never lose your cool no matter how rude they become. The customer is not always right but it does nothing for you to become unreasonable when they are.

Plan ahead

Good time management is half of the journey. If you know how to manage the various assignments you receive, you will not lose track of your schedule and end up submitting any late. Punctuality is a sought after trait in the industry an if you can display it, many more people will try to hire you.

Market yourself well

If you wanted to write books for others, the best advice you could get is to write just one book under your own name and include the fact that your ghostwriting services are available on the first page. Since copy-writing is your intent, write a blog and make each post an example of the type of copy you could create for the companies you want to hire you.

Use more than one freelancing site

There are many freelancing sites out there. If you have only one profile one one site, you miss out on every client who happened to hire elsewhere. An additional benefit to using multiple sites is that you can market yourself slightly differently on each one so that you have the benefit of appealing to different types of clients via each method.

Perhaps the best tool you have in finding jobs will be your own confidence. Trust your abilities and seek out clients who respect you. In time you will find yourself turning away clients because your plate is full.

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