How To Land Decent Freelance Writing Jobs Having No Experience

If you are a writer who is wanting to begin a freelance career with relatively no prior experience, you’re not alone. This is how many freelance writers have started their careers. Even if you have no published work, no writing resume, no literary achievements to highlight, you can still rise up as a respected writer. You can choose media of many types: print, online, etc. Just follow the steps as outlined below.

How to break into the writing field and land a good job

  1. Stop thinking about how to do it and just start writing. If you aren’t writing, you won’t find a job. This is how you can gain some experience if you don’t have some already. Type something you can use as a sample in your portfolio.
  2. Write things you want to first. You need to become a prolific writer. Write without thought of getting paid for it. You could start your own blog; you could even use one of the free blogging platforms. Include a hire me page or button so when a potential client sees your work and likes it, they can hire you to write for them.
  3. Do some marketing for yourself. You will have to spread word around that you’re available. Use social media and other platforms. Socialize in forums where writers gather. Make comments on other blogs and forums. Get known. Do some networking so you can get tips and hints from other writers on where to look for jobs.
  4. Start looking for clients on freelance writing sites. This is a great way to gain some experience, get feedback, get paid and get your name out there.
  5. Remember you are only worth the amount you think you are. Don’t fall for jobs that only pay a pittance. Establish your worth.
  6. Be clever and go out looking for some jobs yourself instead of waiting for them to come to you. You can do this by visiting websites that publish the type of content you would love to create. Think of a great topic and create some samples that you think would be of interest and then use the contact page to make a connection with the site owner. Pitch your skill.

Go online and research how to write a good pitch letter for your writing skills. Make a general letter, and then personalize it for each place you apply.

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