7 Keys To Getting Great Online Freelance Writing Jobs From Home

Today there hundreds of thousands freelance writers enjoying the perks of earning a great income while working the hours they want all from the comfort of their home. It’s easy to see why each year more people leave their office jobs and dive head first into a booming career that allows a flexibility that many can only dream of. Freelance success depends on a number of things, but we’ve put together the seven keys you need to get the great jobs:

Create an Attention-Grabbing Profile

The first step to getting great online writing projects is creating a profile that catches your potential clients’ attention. Start with a snappy header. Then briefly but effectively highlight your skill, expertise, and the service you can deliver. Remember that most clients are looking for a solution. Be sure you express the idea that you are that solution.

Build a Solid Portfolio

It may be hard to build a good portfolio at first since you’re not likely to have a lot of work samples to present, but don’t let this prevent you from putting up any content that could bring you projects. Look back at some pieces you may have created for non-work related projects, or consider creating new pieces from scratch. The goal is to make your portfolio stand apart from the thousands of other writers.

Submit Bids (Offers) Clients Can’t Refuse

As a freelancer it’s important to submit several bids each day. But don’t just simply send the same tired bid offer. Customize each bid to fit the job you are applying for. Use the same language that is expressed in a job posting. Provide solutions to whatever problems a potential client has listed, and generally make your offer difficult to turn down.

Be Persistent, Finalize those Contracts

If a client has questions that weren’t addressed in your offer you might see a request in your inbox to provide more information. Don’t delay in responding. Provide all information they require and kindly suggest that they contact you again if they need more information. Follow up a few days later to remind them of your conversation. Tell them when you can start the contract and suggest that you finalize it.

Broadcast Your Services, Availability

Even if you are landing great projects that are paying well, you should never stop broadcasting your services and availability. Utilize as many channels you have access to. Consider other professional or social sites. Provide links to your freelancing site in all of your email to friends, family and acquaintances.

Communicate with Contacts and Clients

When you finally do get to working with clients it’s a good idea to keep open communication. Provide them with more than just your work email. Consider using a Skype account or provide another email where you can be reached. Provide daily updates or set up a time where you can touch base and go over the project’s details.

Produce Great Content, Earn Positive Reviews

Lastly, you want to make sure you consistently produce great content in order to earn positive reviews. Reviews will generate more work and as long as you continue to deliver your written pieces on time and at a high-quality, you will continue to get those positive reviews and ratings that will keep you at the head of the pack.

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