Looking For Academic Freelance Writing Jobs: Practical Advice

Freelance writing is a popular job opportunity today. If you want to have a job in this area, you should think about the type of writing you like more. As a rule, most freelance writers produce content for other people’s websites. Smaller groups of freelance writers produce advertising content, grant applications or do academic writing.

What is it to be an academic writer? Does one need to possess any special skills? In fact, everything you need to be a good writer is your desire to write, some talent and good grammar. If you do academic writing, it’s also about some knowledge of styles, formatting and organization of academic papers, analysis and the ability to collect information.

The very start is usually the toughest part of the freelance writing. Newcomers have no idea on where they can search for good jobs. After short and fruitless search, they abandon all further attempts. To make the job search productive, you should follow several useful pieces of advice.

  1. Define whether you are independent or willing to work in a team.
  2. If you feel that you will achieve more success when working alone, start preparing for the next step that is representing yourself. If you want to work in a team of other academic writers, try searching for vacancies at resources that already provide writing of diverse term projects, essays, research works, etc.

  3. Represent your skills.
  4. If you are into working alone, think about the ways you can represent your skills to potential customers. In most cases, the best representation is a portfolio of works that belong to you and show both your skills in writing and your knowledge of academic papers.

  5. Compose a small resume.
  6. In this resume, speak about your skills and knowledge, probably, about your working experience if you have already worked in a more or less related sphere. Mention the languages you can speak and write correctly.

  7. Advertise your services.
  8. You can get registered at resources like marketplaces for freelance writing, where customers will be able to find you on their own.

  9. Set reasonable prices.
  10. You need to be ready to the fact that at the very start you will hardly receive a lot. At the same time, it doesn’t mean that you should deliberately undervalue your own work. Set average prices that are affordable for students, and you will have requests.

Starting your career as an academic writer is not complicated in case you know well what you want to do and have enough devotion to do it.

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