Where To Look For Highly-Paying Online Freelance Writing Jobs: 5 Places To Check

All beginner freelance writers have difficulties with finding highly-paying jobs. The competition in this field is rather fierce and it’s easier for professionals with experience to get the best deals. However, if you know where to look, you will be able to find some good clients right from the beginning of your career.

The best places to check for such offers are:

  1. Freelance marketplaces.
  2. These are websites that specialize in ads for freelancers of different specializations. He biggest of them offer several hundred new vacancies every day, so you are sure to find a job if you send out enough applications. The downside of these websites is the high level of competition that allows clients to drop their rates. It’s very difficult to find some really well-paying jobs here, but you can establish a good working relationship with some companies. This way, you will be able to demand higher pay when you prove your skills and gain more experience.

  3. Writers’ blogs.
  4. Many successful freelance writers have their own blogs and more jobs than they can handle. Therefore, they often outsource some of their assignments to beginners. You should subscribe to several of those and monitor the updates regularly in order to catch the opportunity the moment it arises. These jobs will help you gain precious experience and perhaps even find a mentor in the more experienced writer. This will provide you with an opportunity to learn some helpful tricks you can use to further your own career.

  5. Professional publications.
  6. Follow all the major professional publications within your area of specialization. You need to stay informed of any news and changes in order to create better articles. Therefore, you will gain something valuable even if you don’t fine a job offer through these sources. However, you have a chance to attract the attention of prospective clients through comments. Many companies also prefer posting their ads through these publications (both online and offline) instead of freelance marketplaces as they are looking for niche-oriented writers.

  7. Magazines.
  8. Try your hand in writing articles for magazines, for the editors won’t care about the amount f experience you have if the text is good. Study the texts in your favorite publications and create something similar and yet, original. You should be able to find the requirements that every application must meet at the magazine’s official website.

  9. Seminars and conferences.
  10. Attend various specialized social events in order to stay up-to-date with the news within the field you choose to write about and meet your prospective employers.

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