Where To Look For Good Remote Freelance Writing Jobs: Professional Advice

Sometimes you need to pursue a career that is flexible and fits around your life, not one that you have to fit your life around. Sometimes, too, you might live in a country where you do not speak the language, or that does not offer good job opportunities in the sort of areas you wish you work in. If you think, therefore, that being a remote freelance writer, like me, is the right step for you, you’ve come to the right place for great tips and advice.

Learn/improve your English

Although other languages are widely used in freelance work - and particularly valuable if you want to be a translator or interpreter, of course - English is the one you need to know if you’re hoping to make a living. If you’re native to the UK, US, Australia or Canada, you’re in luck because you’re in high demand. If not, you need to make sure your writing skills are top notch. Otherwise you are going to lose out to other, better qualified English speakers. Good English will branch out across the world and make getting remote jobs even easier.

Sign up to specialist sites

There are specialist freelance sites out there that are dedicated to finding work that can be done anywhere. You need to search for those, decide which are the best ones for you and sign up for them. Make sure that you have at least one good one, and try for perhaps two or even three, especially if they are free to sign up. This way you have two or three places to go where you can be certain of finding good writing jobs to apply for as often as you need to apply to them.

Be picky

There are plenty of freelance writing jobs out there that can be done remotely, but not all of them are particularly well paid or interesting. So, if you have excellent English skills (see the point above) and fantastic portfolio/C.V., then you need to be a little bit more discerning about the sort of work you apply for. Check out how much you’ll get paid and work out how long it should take you to complete the work. Is it a good rate? Is it equivalent to a non-specialist trade such as working in a shop? You should be earning more than basic wage per hour because you are a highly skilled worker.

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