Suggestions For Starters On How To Make Money As A Freelance Writer

Those looking for ways to earn money often feel that freelance writers earn easy money. The wiser ones understand the complications involved but they also recognize that with labor, honesty and diligence, this vocation can open up the floodgates.

Here is how you can make money as a freelance writer as a starter

  • An authority on a genre – It may be technical articles, product description; medical journals; creative writing. Just give it your full shot to become an expert at it. Having done so, you should register in an online global work platform. Prepare striking cover letters and a series of dashing samples related to your expertise.
  • Make your applications earnestly – You are a starter and so have to slog it out. Keep applying till you get a decent job. When you come across an amiable client, you should check if his payment status and work requirement suits you. Keep dishing out quality freelance articles for him till he starts feeling that you are indispensable.
  • Seal a private contract – You should then proceed towards sealing a separate contract with him (out of the scope of the online work platform). Make sure that the negotiation is fair; and doesn’t tilt either way. Continue impressing and he will very soon hand you over blog posts and word press site handling as well.
  • Proofread and revise – Spare an hour for proper proofreading and revision so that the freelance work you do is error-proof. Also, devise interest and curiosity in your work. Meanwhile, keep gaining knowledge about affiliate marketing as well; about videos, texts, catchy headings. Suggest your client that you can help in affiliate marketing as well but that will charge extra.
  • The relation improves – Since you have imposed yourself as an indispensable freelancer, the client will feel obliged to take your help as an affiliate marketer as well. You will need to utilize Adsense, Adwords, Google Analytics and other tools to improve SERP and visibility.
  • Get good grades – Ask your client to give you good grading and rating on the online work platform. This along with the work you have done makes you eligible for asking freelance work at a higher pay. The good thing about higher payment is that work quantity comes down; quality goes up. Since you are anyway an expert in the genre with an improved speed, you will be able to handle more work and earn well. The affiliate marketing rewards are a bonus.

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