8 Useful Tips For Freelance Ghost Writers: How To Advance Your Career

Being a freelance ghost writer can be challenging, as you can’t actually make a name for yourself. Many of the authors who work in this business feel degraded by their roles and may become quite bitter. If this strikes a chord, you should consider changing your career. There are plenty of other jobs for freelance authors, and you definitely need to look into some other options.

However, if you are determined to be a ghost writer, you will need to learn how to advance your career despite the limitations this title entails. Here are a few tips that can help you with this:

  • Make a portfolio.
  • You need to have a rich selection of works to show your prospective employers. You might not be able to use samples of the actual projects you completed due to contractual limitations, so you need to have a collection of other works aimed to impress.

  • Establish some good connections.
  • If you can’t promote your name directly, you should do this “covertly”. Talk to your employers and find out whether they know someone else who needs this kind of service. The key to your success is building good relationships with your clients.

  • Attend specialized gatherings.
  • Be sure to attend various conferences, seminars and parties for writers. This is an excellent chance to establish relationships with people who might offer you some work in the future.

    If nothing else, you will be able to have a good time and learn some interesting tricks from your fellow authors.

  • Follow relevant blogs.
  • There are blogs and other resources that provide important information to freelance writers, and some of them even specialize in ghost writers. You should follow both to stay in tune with the latest news.

  • Create plenty of accounts.
  • You should have an account at every major website for freelancers. Increase your visibility in every way you can in order to attract more clients.

  • Make a website.
  • Accounts aren’t enough. Create a website that will provide all your prospective employers with relevant information.

  • Offer your services.
  • Send out pitches to various publishers and other firms that might be interested in your services. Even if they aren’t searching for a writer now, they will have your contact information in case they need one.

  • Be professional.
  • You must be good in what you do so that your clients are satisfied. They will definitely offer you more jobs if they are happy with your services.

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