Freelance Writing Tips: What Does A Copywriter Do?

One of the most common misconceptions is that a copywriter has something to do with actual copyrights. While there are many things that a copywriter does do, none of them have anything to do with legal copyrights. So obviously a copywriter writes. But what do they write? If you are looking into considering a career as a copywriter, here are some of the most common things that you will be doing:

  • Write marketing and advertising copy: Businesses need to bring in customers and this is where the copywriter comes in. They come up with the catchy content that is listed on flyers, brochures, ads, labels, product literature, business plans, etc.

  • Public relations writing: Any type of communication that is used for the general public, customers, clients, and employees is written by the copywriter. This can also include press releases, feature articles, and product updates.

  • Speech writing: The majority of public speakers have no problem talking in front of an audience. The problem most of them have though is what to say. Copywriters eloquently write speeches for special events, meetings, political candidates, and charity events, among others.

  • Edit: Copywriters can also be called upon to check the work of other writers. They may need to check facts, proofread, edit the content, or even do additional research.

  • Ghostwrite: This is where the copywriter will produce an article, book, or other type of writing and give the rights to someone else to put their name on it. The bad part about ghostwriting is that you get no recognition for a job well done.

  • Broadcast copy: Copywriters are used on a regular basis for creating video scripts, television commercials, radio ads, and audio scripts. Producing and directing of the final product is also often done by a copywriter.

  • Writing copy online: The market for online copywriters is growing at an astronomical rate. There is a large amount of content that needs to be written, including podcast and video scripts, email marketing campaigns, auto-responder messages, online sales pages, website pages, product descriptions, banner ads, info pages, and a variety of other content. This content needs to be found by the search engines so an online copywriter must have knowledge of SEO.

This is only a small sampling of the projects that a copywriter is responsible for on a regular basis. To explain it down to the most basic terms, if there is something that needs to be written, it will likely be done by a copywriter.

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