5 Things To Consider If You Want To Become A Freelance Writer

When you get several, regular job under your belt, then freelance writing is truly like having your cake and eating it. Not only do you get to work hours that fit your lifestyle and college life but you also get a regular income stream as well. Of course, it is not all that plain sailing. If it were, then there would be a mass exodus from mainstream employment. It can be tough, particularly in the beginning, and very few people can use this as their sole source of income at first. It can be quite slow build.

So, what do you need to think about before becoming a freelance writer? Hopefully, my five things to consider will help!

Why are you doing this?

There are many reasons why people would choose this as a profession. I have already alluded to some above. You really do have to have an honest conversation with yourself before getting started. If you need to earn a set amount of money from day one in order to pay your basic bills, then you might find yourself in somewhat of a pickle to say the least. On the other hand, if you can get by while you are building it then you may be onto a winner.

Do I have the willpower to see it through?

Working from home is not always as idyllic as you might think. It can be very lonely at times stuck at the keyboard with no-one to talk to. Yes, there’s always social media to keep you distracted but that’s not the same as interacting face to face. You also have to be incredibly motivated and self-disciplined.

Am I target driven?

This might seem like an odd thing to even have to consider. Because surely the whole purpose is that you are working for yourself. Yes you are, but you are also working to your client’s deadlines and schedules. If you persistently fail to meet them, you might ruin any chance of securing further work.

Where am I going to work?

In order to complete your assignments, you will need a quiet, distraction-free space in your home in which to work. It is no good attempting to do this while the kids are running riot, or your partner is screaming at you to make dinner. You have to treat this exactly the same as a regular job.

How am I going to source my work?

Contrary to what you might think, the work is not going just suddenly to drop into your lap. You are going to have to tout actively for business. Are you going to contact magazines and periodicals? Or are you going to search the Internet for possibilities? Try and be as broad-minded as possible, and you should do well.

Good luck.

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