How To Find Jobs For Freelance Writers: Vital Advice

In the last years, more and more writers quit their jobs and decide to start on their own. This is because they don’t want to follow the rules of a company; they just want to be able to choose how much and when they work. The problem is that without experience, you don’t have a big chance to be hired. You have to manage everything on your own and to know how to attract clients and get paid. These are vital advices that you have to remember:

  • Try your luck with magazines. It’s not easy to get hire by a magazine but if you do, you can be sure that you will have a great career. Magazines only work with amazing writers, so you have to be ready to improve your writing style. If you think that you are good enough, you can send e-mails to different magazines and see if they are hiring; of course, in your e-mail you also have to attach some samples.
  • Discuss with blog owners. Most of the time they will be willing to hire you to write on their blog, as long as you can bring something new and exciting for their readers. To get their attention you can start by leaving interesting comments on their blog. They will notice that you are a good writer and when you will contact them, they will be willing to offer you a deal.
  • Search the right freelancing platform for you. If you have an account on a website but you are not getting hired, you might be in the wrong place. There are platforms where writes can get hired very easily, but there also others where web designers are preferred. Make sure that you are in the right place before you start sending proposals.
  • Contact old clients. Let’s say that you had a few clients until now, but things are not going so well in the last period of time. If you want you can contact your old clients and ask them if you can help them with something. Most of the time they will be happy to work with someone they already know, and you can pay your bills. Of course, you have to give them a reason to hire you again, so give them a discount or a good offer that they can’t get from anywhere else.

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