What Are The Different Types Of Freelance Writing: Useful Tips To Keep In Mind

When people speak about freelance writers, they usually mean only web content writers. However, there are many types of writing in which you may engage working as a freelancer. There are jobs almost for all tastes in this field. In this article you may read about the most popular writing jobs for freelancers.

  1. Web content writing.
  2. This is probably the most widespread type of writing on the Internet. Web content writers create content for various sites and blogs. Usually, such work requires basic knowledge of search engine optimization and a usage of top search terms in the articles.

  3. Writing for magazines.
  4. Some freelance writers choose a special niche and write articles for particular magazines. These can be fashion, science, or sports magazines. This type of work requires excellent writing skills and the ability to attract readers’ attention from an author.

  5. Advertising writing.
  6. This type of writing is focused on creating sales texts. Usually, companies hire advertisers to write texts for promotion of their products or services. Good advertising writers should not only have decent writing skills, but also be able to persuade people to buy whatever their clients are selling.

  7. Technical writing.
  8. Freelance technical writers create instructions for various devices and programs. This type of writing is very profitable, because it requires not only writing skills, but also a deep knowledge of the subject. This means that you should have a technical degree to work in this field.

  9. Academic paper writing.
  10. Students often need help when it comes to writing research papers. Academic paper writers compose essays, term papers and even dissertations in exchange for money. Usually, academic writers specialize in particular areas, depending on their education and knowledge.

  11. Grant writing.
  12. Grant writers create proposals for non-profit organizations that allow them to get funds from various investors. Grant writers should learn plenty of information about the companies for which they work and be able to persuade investors that their contributions will bring benefits in the future.

  13. Ghost writing.
  14. Freelance ghost writers work on different projects. They may write articles, blogs, and even books. The main thing is that their works will be published under names of other people. Being a ghost writer is rather difficult, because you cannot openly demonstrate your works and you often have to copy writing styles of other people when working on your projects.

This is only a small part of various freelance writing jobs that may be found on the Internet.

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