How to Become a Freelance Writer for a Magazine Easily: 7 Effective Tips

Getting started in the freelance industry can be difficult for new writers. One of the most lucrative fields is in magazine writing. In the beginning, writers will spend most of their time creating proposal letters and submitting samples. Writers can get a head start in their career by using the following seven effective tips.

  1. Prepare Samples
  2. A magazine does not want to hire an unknown freelancer. They spend hundreds of dollars on each article, so they need to know that the writer can actually fulfill their commitment. To demonstrate their writing ability, writers should create sample articles and submit them with each proposal.

  3. Think Small
  4. A national magazine may already use well-known, established writers. Fortunately, smaller periodicals and trade magazines are fond of working with unknown talents. The pay is still in the same range, but new writers have a chance to test out the field.

  5. Study the Publication
  6. Each magazine requires a different style of writing. Before submitting a cookie-cutter proposal, writers should take time to look at the type of articles that are used. They should consider the general voice of the publication, the way they start articles and the type of headlines used.

  • Get Ideas
  • Unlike content writing, magazines will seldom assign a particular topic to a freelance writer. Instead, the writer must create ideas in their free time. These ideas can be from listening to conversations, attending local events or reading through competing magazines.

  • Ask in Advance
  • It can take magazines up to six months to publish an article. Writers should never submit a query for a summertime article during the summer. Instead, they should pitch an idea up to six months before they plan on having the article released.

  • Create a Hook
  • A hook can be anything as long as it gets the interest of the editors. The writer needs to provide the magazine with a compelling reason to pay for the article. They must show that the story is timely and should be published immediately.

  • Write High-Quality Query Letters
  • The query letter is generally the first piece of writing that the editor will see from the writer. Due to this, the query letter must be well-written. It should focus on how the article will meet the needs of the publication. Before sending off a query letter, writers should read through articles in the magazine to make sure that their article would fit in with the publication's mission.

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