What It Takes To Be A Freelance Technical Writer: A Complete Job Description

Freelancing is one increasing career type that more and more people pick due to the benefits it has to offer. Most of the times, artists like designers, writers and programmers pick this career type. They do so because it gives them the liberty to choose their own type of jobs and work on contracts according to their preferences and work hours. You do not have to manually travel to a work place or put up with an annoying boss. If you are starting your career as a freelance technical writer, then there are several things you should keep in mind

You should be sure about what you are trying to achieve and how you will realize your goals. The specification will differ for different writing styles so you need to carefully pick your niche and decide how you will move forward with it

To help you understand better, here is a complete job description for a freelance technical writer

  1. A technical writer needs to organize material and deliver writing assignments according to pre decided standards of order, clarity, precision and style
  2. You should also maintain records and offer revisions for the work done
  3. Edit the written materials done by other writers or people
  4. Communicate with the technical departments and understand different terminologies that you will using in the work and determine the subject content to be included for publishing
  5. Choose photographs, drawings, tables, images, illustrations and other charts to include
  6. Study the task carefully when writing product descriptions, samples and delineate technology
  7. Read expert written journals and other materials by professional technical writers so that you can understand the strengths and weaknesses of this writing
  8. Look at the production process, experimental activities and operational procedures to understand the details about them
  9. Make arrangements for typing and distribution of materials
  10. Make sure the content you write is completely original and written from scratch and does not fall under plagiarism
  11. Note down the instructions by the client clearly and have them approved by him before you start working on his task

These are all the things that fall under the job duties of a technical writer and you need to make sure that you understand them clearly if you wish to succeed as one. Always sign contracts and NDA to stay on the safe side before you start on a task

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