What Is A Freelance Writer: Directions For Dummies

A freelance writer is someone who works for himself and is self-employed. Such a writer does not have any employer or organization to work on a fixed monthly salary. They have their own schedule and work preferences. They are not forced to work on a certain task but they work on their own choices. They do not have a boss to work for or listen to bullying comments from their seniors. One thing about freelance writers is that they do not have the benefits of employment like people who have regular jobs. They do not enjoy fringe benefits, promotions, retirement pays, health and medical insurance and other incentives. Different people have different natures and work according to their own liking. Some people excel better in regular jobs while others have higher motivation when they work for themselves.

If you are new to freelance industry and do not understand the process or requirements then this article will be helpful for you. Let us consider an example to understand the concept clearly

Situation 1

Consider a situation where one person works as a content writer in a software house. This person signs a contract for the employment and receives an appointment letter from the company. He agrees on certain terms and may not be able to leave the company or switch his job for a specific time. He will receive a monthly salary if he completes his assigned tasks and show up at the workplace at a decided time. He may have deductions from his salary on being late or an absent. If this person completes the prohibition period he will then have a promotion, insurance and other benefits offered by the company. The prohibition time and insurance benefits etc. vary with different companies

Situation 2

Consider another situation for the same person who knows how to write well and has an understanding of the IT industry, SEO and Google standards for content. This person does not want to work 9-5 and prefers staying at home. He can start his own freelancing career by creating an account on the platform for freelance writers on web. He will have to add his portfolio samples, profile picture, and skills to his profile so that potential clients can easily find him. He will decide his rates or packages for certain kind of web content and charge clients accordingly

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