Fees For Freelance Writing Jobs: A Quick Guide For Beginners

Writing has always been something that many people chose to do as both a career and as a hobby. With the advent of the internet and the multitude of websites, blogs and forums, the writing career has taken off in many new directions. Now there is an increasing demand for freelance writers to work with a multitude of different businesses, associations and even not for profit entities and compose writings to be used on their sites. If you have the gift for writing and would like to turn this gift into a career then here is a quick guide to starting your freelance writing endeavors.

  • Getting established as a writer
  • Getting started in the writing world begins by putting together a sample of your work. When you talk to a potential employer they will want to see your writing style and the tone of your writing. In the early phases of your writing career be sure to branch out and sample all sorts of writing styles and do not be afraid to take small jobs like product descriptions for a small business website sales page. Even the smallest work will add to your repertoire and show potential clients you have what it takes to help them.

  • Advertise and solicit work
  • As a beginning writer you are going to need to seek out jobs to get the business. Until you have established yourself in the market and worked with numerous clients you will need to find jobs and sell yourself as a writer. Do not be afraid to approach employers or even contact websites that look like they could use some help. It never hurts to ask if they could use your services and if you do not ask they never have the chance to say yes.

  • Undercut the competition
  • As a beginning writer one way to get customers is by bidding low on projects. Some jobs are solely looking to keep their costs down and if you bid low they may hire you on. Then when you have the writing jobs completed and demonstrate high quality work you can go back and renegotiate for a higher fee.

The freelance writing world can be fun and rewarding because of the wide range of customers you will engage with. Remember, though, it can also be cut throat when you try to win work that other writers would like to have.

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