Travel Jobs For Freelance Writers: Making The First Steps In The Business

A travel-writing job can be a lot of fun. You can see the world while you are working. This job is considered a prime writing position. Because it is so popular, it can be difficult to break into the business. Use our tips when you are making the first steps in the travel freelance writing business.

Tips for Freelance Writers to Get Travel Jobs

  • Start with your town-since you will need samples with photos, start with the tourist attractions in your own town. Go see them and write up descriptions and reviews. Once you have some reviews and photos, offer them to local magazines and newspapers. Also make sure to pose them at your blog.
  • Write while on vacation-when you go on weekend trips and family vacations, write up stories about the places that you see. You should also take some photos. You can post these at your personal site or offer them to clients.
  • A personal blog-make a travel and vacation blog. It is not hard to make a blog, and the directions can be found online. It is also very inexpensive. You need to stock the copy write at your site with SEO attractive language, which will attract a lot of traffic. The work may come to you if you do a good job. Include your samples, fees, and contact information at the site.
  • Contact travel magazines and sites-if you want to make the first steps in the travel freelance writer business, go straight to the source. Contact travel magazines and sites. These places will have a submission section with the polices and the contact information. Usually the price is negotiable, especially if you are new in the business.
  • Try a third party freelance company-freelance companies will be a great place for you to get business. Pay a small fee and then set up your profile. You can bid on the jobs in the business that appeal to you and your sense of travel and adventure.
  • The local newspaper-you can offer your work to the editor of that section of the paper. Sometimes, the editor will pay minimal or nothing at all, but you need to get experience and work on making the first steps in the business. The smaller the town paper; the better the chances this approach will work. You just need to make the first steps in the travel job business.

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