Freelance Science Writing: Developing Your Skills as a Freelancer and a Writer

In the last 20 years the internet has made freelance science writing a viable profession for both full and part-timers looking to make a great income doing something they really enjoy. But it’s not as simple as just jumping in and calling yourself a freelance science writer. The most successful freelancers are constantly re-defining themselves and improving their skills to position themselves

Read Science Articles

Developing your skills as specialized writer in any field requires that you devote ample time to read articles, books or whatever else you can get your hands on. When you are a freelancer you will need to display a wide variety of writing skills, but most importantly you must know your topic area forwards and backwards.

Join a Community

A successful freelance writer will have a well-established community of fellow writers in whichever field they specialize in. History writers will join a history forum or chatroom, so too will psychologist join community conversations with others in their field. As a freelance science writer you should forward to exchanging tips and tricks to improve your writing, your marketing and even give you some ideas for new topics.

Create a Profile and Post Your Writing

Online profiles are the best places to build your reputation as a trustworthy and successful science writer. With your client’s permission see if you can post excerpts of your work on your website or if you can provide links to where your work will be posted. In any case, take advantage of building your profile and updating it regularly with new content. Don’t forget to highlight your skills and experience since these two are just as important to potential clients as is reviewing your samples.

Keep Up to Date with Your Craft

When freelance writers begin to land regular clients they often begin to take the writing craft for granted. This is a bad habit you should be sure to prevent from developing. Keep up to date with your writing abilities by writing sample essays, reports, and other types of works. Constantly read dictionaries and thesauruses to improve your vocabulary. Also work on grammar by trying out a few exercises.

Communicate Effectively

The biggest indicator of your success might boil down to simple communication between you and your clients. Keep all channels of communication open and be sure to respond to requests, questions or any other types of messages in a prompt manner.

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