Where To Look For Well-Paid Freelance Academic Writing Jobs

Freelance academic writers are making a fortune online with highly paying jobs. Some have a consistent flow of income while others have been trying for years without success. Others have fallen to scams leading to loss of time and lack of payments for work done. How do you get a well paying online academic writing job?

Go For a Referral

Your decision to become an academic writer was most likely influenced by a friend who has been making good money writing essays and papers for students. Ask such a person to refer you to a client, website or agency offering academic writing services. You will enjoy the advantage of working with an agency or client who has been tested. This reduces the chances of being conned. You are also aware of the working terms and conditions. You can therefore make a decision whether to take up the jobs or not.

Make Numerous Applications

There are numerous sites offering freelance academic writing jobs. These sites thoroughly vet their writers before offering any job. The challenge is to meet their conditions. Since some of the conditions are not straightforward, you will need to make numerous attempts to stand any chance of getting a job. Begin at amateur level and gradually move up. The pay may not be as good to begin with but it will get better with time.

Register With Writing Agencies

Writing agencies use their database to approve new writers. The window to accept writers is not always open. However, when it opens, they give priority to writers who have already registered. In other instances, they may not require your skills at a particular time. If they have your information, you will contact you when an opportunity arises.

Create an Online Profile

Clients search for writers on different platforms. This include online at individual websites or writers forums. To benefit from this option, it is advisable to create a winning online profile that will market your skills. Indicate your qualification, specialization and availability. A few samples will also help to tell your story more than narrating your achievements or qualification.

Social media is also an excellent option when looking for well paying freelance writing jobs. There are writer forums on social media or you may create a post on student groups or other related platforms. You will negotiate with the client online and commence your academic writing journey.

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