Getting Well-Paid Freelance Writing Jobs Easily: A Quick Guide

Freelance writing can be an extremely rewarding source of income. You are doing what you love, on your own schedule, are your own boss and getting paid for it? Most people will take that any day of the week. However, unfortunately, most freelancers also seem stuck in a rut of doing low-paying writing gigs over and over again until they burn out. If you are one of those, fear not, because help from Writers Departmentis at hand.

  • Low paying jobs are “filler” jobs
  • Never stop working. Even if all you are getting are low paying gigs, do not stop working. This will not only earn you supplemental income but will also help you stay relevant. It will help you stay in touch with clients who can be a source of further work themselves and can also be helpful by referring other clients to you. The name of the game is long-term relationships with good clients. The next time your client has a big project, he or she will think of you first because you are a diligent and quality writer who they trust.

  • Look for jobs on a niche job site
  • Looking for jobs on a regular internet job board means you will be competing with thousands of other writers. They are all looking for work and the competition means they are also willing to lower their rates. That is not the way to find higher paying jobs. To find more rewarding work, financially speaking, you have to do much more work to find the jobs that matter. Do work that not many others can do, become an expert at something. Then look for jobs on websites that specialize in your area of work. It will take a bit of sleuthing but trade publications, company websites or association websites for professional circles are good places to look for gigs.

  • Market yourself
  • Never miss an opportunity to network. Meet up with fellow local writers and discuss potential clients. Who is a good client? Who pays well? Who pays on time? Find out. Research the local businesses and find out if you can market yourself to them as a writer who can offer them a solution to one of their requirements. Write a specific and relevant email or letter, set up an appointment with the decision-maker in a business and meet up with them. Present a solution to their problems. Good hunting!

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