How To Start Writing Articles: 5 Great Tips For Freelancers

Most things gradually become easy as we spend time with them. However, it is often the beginning that haunts people. Think of how you feel when you have too much work to do on the day and you have not yet started. There lies the catch.

Freelance writers feel the same about starting articles; even the experienced ones, when they get a complicated assignment. Here is how you should start writing articles

  1. Think of the emphatic points about the article – You should jot down the main points; the essential ones which will map your article. Think of some salient points and some innovative ones; some obvious ones and some which is borne out of your perspective on the topic. Write them all.
  2. Segregate their positions – Creatively assign the points a place in the article. Think of the points you will place in the first half of the article and those which you will place in the second half. The best way is to keep positioning the more emphatic ones at intervals so that the entire freelance article seems gravitational. Also, remember to sneak in some facts and figures.
  3. Think of the introduction – Your introduction betrays your style of writing and whether you can arouse the reader’s interest or not. Boggle them with probing questions; speckle the initial paragraph with a reveling take on the topic. Insert crisp and catchy lines to set up the tone. Whatever you do, go through the introduction again and see whether you can make further improvements on the introductory phase or not. Introduction is the freelancer’s most potent weapon.
  4. A paragraph on your perspective – This is more important if the freelance articles you take are quite popular and have been severally rendered by people from different angles. People go through your article with a fixed notion in mind; make an attempt to change that or at least rephrase that. Use the vitality of your position as a freelancer.
  5. An emphatic conclusion – This is where your freelance article gets streamlined. It is upon you to shape it precisely like the body of a falcon or a fish or leave the article as blunt-bodied as a tortoise. Grab the gist of your article and essay it in a potent manner. An apt conclusion makes your freelance article go up in weight. Try finding solutions and you can also pose a unique genre-specific question to the readers so that they get naturally hooked to your next article.

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