How To Improve My Skills As A Freelance Writer: Professional Advice

Improving your writing skills is a lifelong process. The more you write, the stronger your writing will become. As a freelance writer, you may wonder how to improve your skills. The real answer to this question is: “write more.” Reading other people’s writing is also helpful, as is looking at tips and guidelines for stronger, clearer, better writing. However, practice is the real key. Here is some useful professional advice for building better writing skills.

  • Write more. Even if you’re not actively working on a freelance project, try to write something every day. Decide what you can fit into your schedule. If you can write 2,000 words a day, that’s fantastic. If you only really have time to write 500, that’s okay too. You can write anything. It can be a forum post, a blog entry, a movie review, or even a personal diary entry. What’s important is that you write something. The more you write, the better the quality of your writing becomes.
  • Write about different topics, and write in different genres. To build better writing skills, try writing many different types of content. If you’re not writing for a client, use these practice exercises as part of your portfolio. Write a few informational blog articles or “how to” guides, which are popular forms of content that freelancers are often paid to write. Write sample text for a website’s homepage or “About Us” page. If you like writing fiction, experiment with different styles and genres. Learning to write many different types of content can be a great asset for a freelance writer, since it gives you a greater skill set and opens up more work opportunities.
  • Edit and proofread your own work. When you’re written a rough draft, let it sit for a while. If you’re writing for a client, you may be required to submit it very soon after you finish. For personal writing projects, let it sit for a day or so. Then, go back and edit it. Look at what you want to change. What could you do better? Do have have any unclear or poorly structured sentences? Are there any verbose passages that you can pare down, improving the clarity of your prose? By editing your work, you’ll get an idea of your strengths and weaknesses as a writer. Over time, you’ll fix those problems, creating higher quality content with a stronger, clearer writing style.

These are just a few ways that you can improve your skills as a freelance writer. Remember to write every day. Practice is the key. Would you learn to knit by reading books about knitting, or by picking up the needles and yarn and trying it for yourself? The more content you write, the better your writing will become, and the more money you can make from freelance writing opportunities.

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