How to Find the Best Freelance Copywriting Opportunities

Starting a copywriting business can be difficult for fledgling freelancers. With a bit of effort, talented writers can quickly develop a client list. To locate the best projects, writers should use some of the following tips.

Build a Portfolio

Clients care about what a writer can do. The easiest way to demonstrate talent is by creating a portfolio. This document will essentially be a digital collection of the writer's best work. If the writer does not have examples from past projects, they can always create a portfolio from scratch. In general, the writer should work to build a portfolio that represents the type of work that they want to do. If the copywriter wants to work in the financial industry, their portfolio should only include examples from business and finance projects.

Try Bidding Sites

Although some writers hate bidding sites, these websites can be a decent source of income. On these sites, a client posts a potential project and writers from around the world bid on it. These sites often draw in low bids, but there are clients who are willing to pay for quality. If the freelance copywriter is good at their job, they will be able to attract higher paying clients.

Take Initiative

Writers do not have to wait for a client to message them with a job. If the writer knows what they want in a client, they can go after it. Writers can brainstorm companies and websites that they want to work with. Afterward, the writer can send out client-specific query letters. Although this technique has a lower return rate for projects, the clients tend to have better paying work than a bidding site.


Networking is the name of the game for a freelancer. Other writers occasionally end up with more work than they can handle. When this happens, they reach out to fellow writers and friends for help. A smart newbie will make friends with any writer in their area. Additionally, writers should network with potential clients. This can be done in everyday life, online or at writing conferences.

Create a Website

To draw in clients naturally, writers should create a personal website. On the site, they can post blog articles and other information. They can list rates for different types of projects and other details that a prospective client may want. By developing a website, the writer appears like a professional. Generally, writers can also charge clients more through a website than they can through a bidding site.

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