How To Make A Freelance Writing Portfolio: A Step-By-Step Guide

In order to attract more clients, you should spend some time creating your own portfolio so that anybody who is interested in your proposals is able to take a glimpse at your work. By doing so, you will support your proposals and have a backup for your statements. In other words, you will make it easier for the clients to decide if they want to hire you for their project.

Creating a Portfolio step-by-step

  1. Select a few samples which show your writing skills. If you have been writing for a while, this step will be no problem. You only need to choose the best texts you have written during your latest projects. Do not include just one type of document, try to provide a complete to the client of what you have created in the past.
  2. Work on the presentation & proofread. Take your time to make some corrections to the samples that you have already picked up for your portfolio. As you want to make a good first impression, avoid typos! In addition, creating a good-looking format for your samples is an excellent idea.
  3. Convert the documents to a suitable format. The most useful formats for texts are PDF (Portable Document Format) and DOC (or DOCX), which is the Microsoft Office extension. If you only worry about the content, then provide a few .txt, which can be read in almost any device.
  4. However, PDF is the most recommended format because of how reader-friendly it is nowadays. Do not discard e-book format such as epub.
  5. Upload the files to the website. Now that you have the samples prepared properly, it is time to upload them to your personal website. You should also uploaded the files to the website that you use in order to get in touch with clients so that it is easier for them to take a look.
  6. Provide commentaries for the samples and the portfolio. The better organized your portfolio is, the better impression you will make on a potential client. Write some commentaries on your own work in order to provide your insight on the samples. By doing so, everybody will spend less time taking a look.
  7. Mention your portfolio in every proposal from now on. Now that you have a portfolio to back up your proposals, you should encourage your potential clients to take a look at your work.

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