The Secret To Getting Highly Paid Online Freelance Writing Jobs

Freelance writing is not all that difficult, but getting highly paid online freelance writing jobs can be a tough call. If you are already a good writer, then you can consider yourself to be already halfway through. However, you will need a couple of secrets in order to land on high paying jobs that will ensure you have a meaningful income. Here is a discussion on the secret to getting highly paid online freelance writing jobs.

Getting Started

Start by setting up a website and ensure you have a “hire-me-page”. You can then pitch some emails. You can then set a schedule for posting content on your blog on a daily or weekly basis. The website or blog will act like an online portfolio of your work. This is also a great way to get targeted traffic as you get to post content that is related to your target market.

Your First Samples

The secret to getting highly paid online freelance writing jobs lies in creating outstanding samples. Besides the samples you posted in your blog, you need to create a collection of outstanding samples in order to market your skills when pitching for jobs.

Pitching for Work

When pitching for jobs, the secret to getting highly paid online freelance writing jobs is to send out tons of high-quality pitches. There are numerous job boards that you can pitch for jobs. Sending out loads of pitches increases your chances of landing well paying jobs. However, be careful of scams and learn how to detect scammers.

Useful Tips on Pitching

One important tip on pitching is to ensure that you learn how to always follow the guidelines of the pitch precisely. If you are requested to submit a brief email detailing your background and a resume, ensure that you keep it precise and short and include your resume. In case they need three samples of your work, ensure that you provide three samples. In case they need you to write a specific phrase or put a specific thing in the email subject, you must ensure that you do exactly that. If you fail to follow the instructions, the client will just move on to the next applicant.

Act like a Man

According to research, women have a tendency to only apply for work that they feel they are fully qualified to perform. On the other hand, men will often apply for jobs that they know they are approximately 60% qualified to perform. In order to get a highly paid job, you ought to act like a man.

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